Joe Hartanto is the Number #1 Motivator of People

Joe Hartanto is the #1 Motivator of People

Most managers manage by the LAZY method. LAZY is an acronym Joe Hartanto for Leave Alone Zap You. Many times as managers we never provide any feedback or leave people alone until they make a mistake then we Zap them. This is a horrible way to deal with people.
First, if we never provide any feedback Joe Hartanto, people never know how they are doing. The quote by Ken Blanchard says FEEDBACK is the #1 motivator of people, NOT positive feedback! Interesting. Employees are so desperate for feedback that they will even accept negative feedback. They just want to know how they are doing. Feedback, both positive and negative, is vital in the development of employees. If we have trained an employee in a skill set and never give them feedback on how they are doing they can't improve in the performance of that skill. Goal setting and balanced feedback is essential for developing employees and Joe Hartanto growing companies.

Three Common Feedback Errors and Their Results
1. Giving No Feedback
Giving no Joe Hartanto  feedback at all is dangerous because it results in employees having no idea if their performance is acceptable or unacceptable. If someone is performing poorly and you are aware of it yet don't confront them, they assume you are okay with what they are doing. If they Joe Hartanto are performing a task well and you don't praise them they will assume no one cares and not repeat the performance.

2. Providing Only Negative Feedback

Only letting an Joe Hartanto employee know about poor performance makes them think that they can't do anything right. This can lead to dissatisfaction and loss of the employee. The way to improve performance is not to look for negative behavior and eliminate it. The Joe Hartanto  employee who only provides feedback that is negative will have demotivated employees who will under perform and avoid their manager at all costs.

3. Providing Only Positive feedback

By providing Joe Hartantoonly positive feedback you never address any areas of development and give the employee a false sense of security. Let's say you only praise a certain employee even though you know they need to improve in their computer skills. Because of your fear of confronting the employee his computer skills are really poor. Now a new manager comes into head your department and notices how poor this employee's computer skills are and wants to put them on a performance review. Joe Hartanto That would be difficult since you have been managing that employee for 2 years and have never mentioned his poor computer skills.

Balanced Joe Hartanto feedback is vital to the health and performance of any employee and organization. Commit to providing feedback to every employee that you manage every day this week and see what impact it has on morale and performance!!

Bio Jim Price Jim Price has been in the healthcare industry Joe Hartanto  for over eighteen years. His experience encompasses numerous pharmaceutical and surgical sales positions As a practice management consultant, Jim has worked with physicians to improve a variety of practice issues from workflow to marketing. He has also advised hospitals on vendor consolidation and procedure efficiencies Joe Hartanto.

Most recently, Jim served as Director of North American Training and Development Joe Hartanto for Novartis Ophthalmics. In this position, he was responsible for the training and development of Sales Representatives and Area Sales Managers for the North American Joe Hartanto markets.

Currently, Joe Hartanto provides contract training and consultation services for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry, including: Novartis Ophthalmics, Pfizer Consumer Health, Alimera Sciences, Alliant Pharmaceuticals, Eisai, NovaVision and Ciba Vision.

As a presenter at The Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers, Jim has been able to share his extensive experience with other sales training professionals.

TAP Joe Hartanto Consulting was created to leverage Jim's extensive experience in physician/representative interactions. The courses offered by TAP Consulting have been designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Drawing on over 500 physician/rep role plays and feedback gathered from physician focus groups, Jim has been able to translate this knowledge into courses which are real time, actionable and drive results. TAP offers courses in understanding your physician customer, basic and advanced selling skills, selling with clinical reprints and leadership training. Contact Jim Price for more information on TAP services Joe Hartanto.

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